There are many ways our data can add confidence to decision making. We start with a deep analysis of audience segments, enabling us to recommend improvements to existing messaging, channels and influencers. Additionally, we can review the demand for a specific product, determine the ROI of your existing influencer program or social media spend and prove your organisation’s value to sponsors and brands. We work with every client in a bespoke way, fine-tuning our approach to ensure they achieve financial returns.


Fifty’s pioneering consumer insight engine is at the heart of our service. Our machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, built in consultation with the most advanced audience segmentation tool in the world at Imperial College London, can process billions of social relationships per minute. They’re able to reveal patterns in the social web that are impossible for humans alone to discern, giving you exceptional insight into marketing, product development, company strategy and more.


The insight and learning we offer you doesn’t just feed into strategy, but also delivers tangible, real world results across a range of services and technologies.


Fifty’s data learning is so robust because it is purely based on fact rather than guesswork – a marketer’s dream. No one is better equipped to interpret the vast sea of data we produce. We know just the right questions to ask of AI and machine learning in order to fundamentally inform strategy and delivery to bring tangible results.

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Long-term relationships are important to Fifty. We've pitched alongside clients to help them earn business, and provided expertise on client boards or steering committees. We can provide training sessions, one-on-one coaching, or systemic knowledge transfer.


The right consumer data can supercharge charge strategy and marketing, but every company needs to use its data in a different way.

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