Brand Safety

Brand Safety and Ad Placement Policy (subject to agreed IO terms)


Fifty is committed to providing the highest possible levels of brand safety for clients and advertisers and minimizing the risk of ad misplacement in line with industry standards. Fifty follows the Digital Trading Standards Group’s (DTSG) Good Practice Principles, which are endorsed by the UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS). This document sets out the brand protection policies that we adhere to for every campaign we run.

Third party verification tools

Fifty uses independently-certified third party content verification tools. Fifty’s current partner is Integral Ad Science, who provide the following:

Ad Blocking Solution: Analysis and scoring of individual web pages against key content categories. Fifty can customise risk thresholds based on the scores obtained, and control the type of content appropriate for our advertisers as ads are passed or blocked on the individual page level in real time against all or selected categories.

Pre-Bid Solution: Fifty utilises Integral Ad Science Safety setting’s pre-bid data to allow targeting around brand safety and ad viewability within the programmatic auction processes. This is designed to ensure that ads will only appear on appropriate content that has been classified as “safe” before we place, display or win bids within auctions. Integral’s classifications and predictions of a page’s safety rate based on certain criteria. We apply the strictest setting’s against each criteria, as well as block un-rateable inventory sources as well as sites which have a high score against Suspicious activity.

Semantic Blocking: Utilise Grapeshot to create custom semantic segments which allow us to block. This can be used against standard categories as well as protect any specific business rules (i.e. Brands not appearing against negative content e.g. terrorism, illegal activities, guns, drugs, disasters, etc)

Appropriate/Inappropriate schedules (Blacklists & Whitelists)

To minimize the risk of ad misplacement, Fifty also uses appropriate and inappropriate schedules, also known as “whitelists” and “blacklists”.

Blacklists: Fifty’s blacklist includes thousands of websites whose content we or the third party verifiers consider to be inappropriate. This black list is regularly updated. Every campaign runs against this master blacklist in addition to the Ad blocking and Pre-bid protection referred to in section

Whitelists: Fifty’s whitelist includes thousands of websites that have been manually verified by us or the third party verifiers. It is possible to run a campaign against this whitelist only, by agreement.

Advertiser and Agency Blacklists and Whitelists: Additionally, by agreement with our clients, Fifty can apply bespoke whitelists and/or blacklists corresponding to a particular advertiser’s brand guidelines.

Take down policy

The application of this policy is designed to ensure that brand misplacement does not occur. In the event Fifty becomes aware of an ad appearing on a site that is considered inappropriate, then Fifty will take down the ad within 1 business day. The contractual consequences of this are as agreed with the client in each case, but as standard Fifty will normally discount such placement against the current or a future campaign or make no charge for that placement. If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this document please contact your Fifty account manager or email [email protected]