A human-first approach to marketing.

Built for a cookieless world, Fifty combines human-powered insights with contextual targeting to grow, transform and future-proof your media buying strategies.

The Immediate Opportunity in Women’s Football

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A data platform built by humans, for humans.

Fifty uncovers the interconnections between people, making sense of mountains of social, web and even CRM data

Our Approach

FiftyAurora: Your solution for an identity-free world.

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Grow your business while preserving consumer trust.

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What makes us unique

Fifty is a one-stop shop for clients looking for audience insights and effective targeting strategies.

Privacy by design

Harness our ID-free solutions to power your growth in an era of privacy


Use across browsers to drive growth regardless of changes to the ad-tech landscape

Deep Insights

See your audience as they see themselves and gain a true understanding of their motivations

Drive business outcomes

Propel your business forward by joining audience insights with media buying strategies

Revolutionary contextual data

Go beyond the page to understand audience behaviors and create effective media campaigns with superior results

Multi-channel Activation

Activate powerful insights seamlessly across multiple channels for a holistic approach and better results

End-to-end Solutions

Prospect, target and convert customers at the push of a button

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