Written by
Fifty Team

16 Jun, 2021

How Fifty is transforming audience-based contextual technology

In the last year, there have been multiple privacy-first initiatives launched within the ad-tech landscape – from Chrome announcing it will stop allowing third-party cookies by 2022 to Apple’s iOS 14.5 update requiring users to actively opt-in to app tracking – all of which are changing how we do business.

While many ad-tech companies have pivoted to contextual targeting as an ID-free way to target, at Fifty, we decided to build an entirely new solution fit for an era focused on privacy: FiftyAurora. With this award-winning new platform, we are creating a new generation of contextual, one that moves beyond simply reading the context of a page to one that first understands audiences and then finds the best places to reach them, all without any IDs.

Human-powered Insights

Everything we do at Fifty begins with our audience insights platform. We use network science and graphing technology to build an understanding of human behaviour, based on people’s shared passions and interests. Using machine learning and AI, we algorithmically identify patterns to reveal similar passions and cluster people into communities of shared interests that we call Tribes. We analyse each tribe’s granular behaviours, shared interests and content consumption through our entity classification engine to reveal unique topics, affinities and demographics. We use this granular and organic audience understanding to build a map of where these users can be reached uniquely.

This data also allows us to create subsets of a desire audience and understand the nuances of their interest  – tailoring messaging to an audience drives far higher engagements than treating them as a single group.

The Fifty Difference

This approach is completely different from what anyone in the market currently offers. While other contextual targeting outfits use multilingual topic extraction, entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and page categorization to understand a piece of content, FiftyAurora goes beyond this. We add further weight and rank pages by using our audience understanding as an additional informational layer, setting us apart from any other contextual provider. By analysing audience affinities we can understand who might be reading a page, not just what topic it is about, without needing identifiers or cookies. This approach means we can serve campaigns based on the breadth of a Tribe’s interests rather than individual keyword targeting, making FiftyAurora a more efficient and effective solution.

Privacy-first, People-powered

The days of just blindly picking keywords based on the pages that you think are relevant to your campaign or audience are archaic and incredibly polarized. We are transforming contextual targeting by grounding it in audience insight so that we can demonstrate, rather than assume, what an audience is motivated and engaged by. FiftyAurora provides a holistic approach to real-time targeting in a privacy focused way.

If you’d like to find out more about how to harness FiftyAurora to build media strategies that work, get in touch.


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