FiftyAurora outperforms the traditional cookie on Fifty’s latest campaign.

Written by
Jamie Scott

07 Dec, 2021

FiftyAurora started out with a simple question, one that the whole online advertising industry is grappling with.

How can we move away from reliance on identifiers such as cookie IDs to target people with relevant advertising, whilst still maintaining scale, accuracy, and the ability to incorporate audience planning through to activation?

On the face of it, this may seem like a difficult question to answer. In a world addicted to data collection, many are approaching this not by changing the paradigm, but by trying to track users using new IDs or by coming up with ways to try and circumvent these changes.

Instead of looking at individuals or tracking their every move, FiftyAurora solves this question by simply observing and analyzing content and content creators to predict where an audience is likely to be. This simple principle is implemented through a combination of graph theory, deep learning and NLP to extract meaning, trends and patterns from a sea of news and social data.

FiftyAurora observes and understands what binds us together as human beings, namely community and conversation. Fifty’s new advertising paradigm offers a fresh perspective whilst still working with existing advertising systems. We enable companies to generate bespoke audiences, then activate each of these through programmatic, social media and even traditional media buying methods. We make it simple to understand the passions, preferred brands, publishers, artists, and products of over 300,000 unique live audiences.

This all sounds great, but what’s the catch? How is this even possible and how does it perform in the real world? To date, we have seen FiftyAurora outperform traditional cookie segments internally and have received the same feedback from world-leading companies.

One such company recently enlisted Fifty to uncover new audiences beyond their existing customer base.

Throughout the campaign, the client was impressed with Fifty’s ability to uncover how audiences chose to self-identify in their online profiles. This platform feature provided invaluable insight into their audience's unique passions and interests and, in turn, enabled us to build hyper-relevant campaigns that resonated with their ideal demographic and ensured maximum ROAS.

The campaign activated across five markets - the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. For the Canadian and Australian campaigns, Fifty’s cookieless segments doubled the click-through rate (CTR) achieved with cookies; 33% higher than the client’s benchmark. The client’s driving KPI was Cost Per Acquisition (CPA); across all campaigns Fifty's cookieless segments over-delivered on the client's initial target. The average CPA across all campaigns was 14% lower than the client’s target, with some achieving an outstanding 82% under target CPA.

The campaign successes are a testament to the efficacy of FiftyAurora as an alternative approach to media targeting, one that is applicable to all digital programmatic advertising and its players. What we’re seeing here is the affirmation that companies no longer need to track people to advertise efficiently.

In an age where companies are scored based on how sustainable or ethical they are, I believe that our right to privacy is equally important and a metric that companies will increasingly be measured against.

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