Fifty Awards H1 2022

Written by
Lucas Tong

23 Aug, 2022

Last week at our Summer social, Fifty presented our bi-annual company awards, aka - the Fifties! ​​These awards aim to highlight the individuals who have been going above and beyond over the last six months to champion Fifty’s core values; Innovation, High Performance, People-First and Partnership.The winners of each category are voted for by their fellow team mates.

To recap, here were our winners!


This value is all about embracing new ways of thinking. Employees that champion innovation use out of the box-thinking to support Fifty in reaching new heights. Josh Tompkins, Head of Insights, was voted Fifty’s Innovation winner. Josh was recognised for “constantly pushing the boundaries” and searching for ways to deliver “additional value for clients”. Go Josh!

High Performance.

This value celebrates the talent and skills of individuals but also the importance of working together towards a shared purpose. Employees showcasing high performance, channel their prowess into projects which support the team in reaching new milestones of excellence. It’s no surprise then, that Bec Noonan, Senior Creative Executive, was chosen for this prize by her colleagues. Teammates remarked that Bec “carries out every project with the utmost care” producing “top quality work in such large quantities”.


Being people-first at Fifty is an ethos that runs through our entire business - human connection lies at the heart of what we do. Employees embodying this value promote the wellbeing and success of their colleagues by working to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued. It was great then, to see our People Manager, Tash O’Leary nominated for this award. The team highlighted her “genuine care” for others, as she is “consistently mindful of other people in every one of her actions”.


Our final value is partnership. At Fifty, if you invest in us, we will invest in you. Team members personifying partnership genuinely enjoy helping the people they work with and aiding one another in success. For this award, we had two joint winners - Head of Marketing Lucie Pearce and Senior Performance Executive Phoebe Collins. Teammates praised Lucie for “maximising efficiency by working with different teams across the business” and “going the extra mile to put together engaging collaborative content and company events”. Colleagues shouted Phoebe out for being “a great communicator” and “adding value to each team she collaborates with”. Well done both!

We place the utmost value in our team. The Fifties are our opportunity to recognise how hard our team works to bring our company values to life and help to create a culture where everyone has the tools to succeed. Well done to all our amazing winners!

If you are looking for a new challenge, see all our current opportunities here. For more information about our company values and life working at Fifty, head over to our careers page, or get in touch with us at [email protected]

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