Written by
Tori McBride

25 Mar, 2021

Fifty claims victory at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising

Our insight and cookieless targeting product Fifty Aurora took home the award for Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading!

It’s no secret that The Drum Awards attract the best in the business, and we’re absolutely delighted to have been recognised alongside some truly exceptional competition. 

Commenting on our recent win, Fifty’s founder Simon Shaw said:

The Fifty Team has been working tirelessly over the last year to build an offering that innovates within the digital space and consistently delivers on client campaign results, and these award nominations are testament to just how good they are at it.

We have some big ambitions in terms of growth for the next few years, and I believe that our team and our clients can expect even more success coming their way.


In direct response to GDPR and changing browser policies negating the viability of third-party cookies and other digital IDs, Fifty developed a cookieless programmatic buying technology. This preserves the efficiencies of audience targeting by leveraging the existing consumer insights data within the FiftyAurora platform via an ID-free, privacy-centric methodology.

Using a bespoke network analysis algorithm, Fifty’s Insights Platform FiftyAurora identifies and maps these across publicly available social datasets by measuring groupings of handles that interconnect around a common subject


We look at more than just the page; through the lens of our insight platform we are able analyse a brand’s audience and find the correct inventory to deliver against based on media behaviours and automatically adaptive targeting to track changing topics.

This allows Brands and Publishers to continue targeting audiences beyond the limited scale of consented data, and with more intelligence than page context alone.

Clients such as Red Bull, Bentley, Garmin, Save The Children and BrewDog use the Fifty Platform to understand their audiences better and target them more efficiently.

To find out how FiftyAurora could revolutionise your audience targeting and prepare your brand for the cookieless future, book a demo.


Fifty appoints new CFO Sarah Rose

Fifty has recently announced the appointment of Sarah Rose to the position of CFO, marking another important step for the business.

FiftyAurora outperforms the traditional cookie on Fifty’s latest campaign.

Fifty’s new cookieless solution FiftyAurora delivers a significant improvement on world-leading computer technology company’s cookie-based targets.