How a 30-year old brand found new audiences

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Fifty Team

15 Apr, 2020

Chipotle is a fast casual restaurant chain specialising in tacos and burritos that are made to order in front of the customer.

Having first launched in the US in 1993, the brand has now expanded its services to the UK, Germany and, most recently, France. With its fresh ingredients and legendary foil-wrapped burritos, Chipotle has since gained a cult following, propelling the company to over $869 million in revenue as of Q1 of 2021, with digital sales growing 133.9% year-over-year.

Chipotle’s first UK location opened in Charing Cross 2010 and, following huge success, it has since expanded to multiple locations across the capital.


Our challenge was to identify and deliver new potential customers to Chipotle, as well as raise awareness for its new “Lifestyle Bowls Range” – bowls designed around healthy diets including vegetarian, vegan and keto.

Known for its burritos and tacos, Chipotle’s goal was to challenge its existing brand perception and position itself as a healthier fast casual restaurant option. To achieve this, we focused our efforts on boosting awareness of key brand messaging, and on promoting Chipotle’s use of real ingredients and fresh produce to create made-to-order meals that would attract a specific type of persona, namely people interested in healthier food options, in light of the chain’s new high-protein and plant-based options.


Fifty began by building a bespoke segmentation analysis of Chipotle’s social audience in the UK, which, combined with our existing study into the UK Health & Fitness market, allowed us to prospect Chipotle’s audience with market-leading precision.

We identified several key tribes from our analysis into Chipotle’s UK audience, namely “London Professionals”, “Fitness Fanatics” and “US Health & Nutrition”. By pulling insights from these specific audiences, we then launched a closely targeted traffic and awareness campaign, applying geotargeting around their new restaurant site locations in Chiswick and Bermondsey, and overlaying this with bespoke Tribe targeting.


Our hyper-local targeting strategy lent itself to hyper-focused results. Fifty delivered an impressive 10.7m impressions, 2.5 million potential new customers, and consistently outperformed CTR benchmarks with an average CTR of 1.24%.

Fifty has now been working with Chipotle for two years and supports each new UK restaurant opening with insights and media planning, with scope to expand our services beyond the UK into Europe.


Fifty data works with hyper-focused campaigns. Whether you want to launch a global, regional or local campaign, Fifty can tailor your campaign to suit your brand’s specific needs.

Optimise creative and messaging based on your custom audience. Rather than running a generic campaign, we utilised the results from our bespoke segmentation analysis to ensure Chipotle’s creatives were hyper-relevant and audience-specific. Fifty was able to tailor messaging and creatives to emphasise Chipotle’s use of fresh, responsibly-sourced ingredients to appeal beyond their existing audience and reach wellness-oriented audiences more suitable to their new plant-based product.

Fifty can help you evolve/change your brand perception. Through our deep analysis into Chipotle’s audience, we were able to identify the brand’s new target market and their needs, as well as differentiate their new brand voice from their previous one.

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