How fashion brand ROKSANDA found their target audience on Instagram

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Fifty Team

20 Nov, 2019

Designed in London and made in the UK, France and Italy, ROKSANDA is the namesake women’s fashion label of Serbian designer Roksanda Ilincic. Offering a woman-centred design aesthetic, the label focuses on striking colours, bold shapes and innovative fabric use.

Since launching at London Fashion Week in 2005 to critical acclaim, ROKSANDA is now one of fashion week’s biggest design stars and is stocked internationally in luxury outlets such as Net-a-Porter, Browns, Harvey Nichols and Matches.


Our mission was to increase both footfall in their flagship Mayfair store and online traffic, through a campaign run primarily on Instagram.

While very high-end, the label was relatively little-known when Fifty was enlisted to provide insights into the brand’s audience in 2019. For this reason, we initially set out to grow ROKSANDA’s understanding of who their audience was and how exactly they were engaging with the brand.

With this in mind, Fifty went on to analyse Ilincic’s own personal following. As ROKSANDA’s founder and CEO, and given her significant influence within the fashion industry, Ilincic served as the ultimate ambassador for the brand and market to target audiences that we then segmented using the Fifty platform.


When segmenting ROKSANDA’s social audience, the top tribe that emerged was ‘High Fashion Fanatics’, alluding to the luxury element of the brand. We further deconstructed this tribe, to understand the micro-communities within it in order to get an even deeper understanding of ROKSANDA's core audience. 

The Results

The Instagram campaign reached over 800,000 people, and successfully delivered a CTR of over 2.2%. These bespoke insights not only helped ROKSANDA to better understand their audience, they were also able to apply these learnings to their organic content creation to ensure their creatives were interesting and engaging for their target audience.  This also improved cost efficiency, since ensuring content performs well organically, they were able to make a more informed decision on ad spend. 

In turn, we built highly-bespoke and tightly-located target audiences, utilising our Social Team’s Instagram expertise.

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