Understanding who is going on staycations this summer

Written by
Fifty Team

Insights by
Josh Tompkins

16 Jun, 2020

This summer will be like no other, with caution over coronavirus leading to more people vacationing at home rather than abroad. But who are these Staycationers and where are they planning to go? We analysed various holiday destinations, publications, agencies and organisations across the UK to understand the Staycationer mindset.


Across Staycationer tribes, the countryside is by far the most popular destination, with the largest tribe demonstrating a strong love of nature, reading magazines such as Countryfile and supporting the Woodland Trust. Popular locations among tribes include Scotland and Wales as well as the beach destinations and camping opportunities on the South Coast.


Staycationers are combining their hobbies with their holiday time. Some tribes are motivated by spending time with their favourite animals, such as Equine Enthusiasts or Dog Walking Holidaymakers, while others such as British Heritage Enthusiasts will seek out mixing history, culture and downtime.


With family vacations to Marbella off the menu this year, a large portion of Staycationers are families – with Typical British Families making up 27% of the entire audience. Decision-making Mums is another large presence in the audience, with many mothers probably readying themselves for a break from home-schooling!


  • People are yearning for the countryside. City mini-breaks seem to be off the agenda this summer, as people yearn for the safety and fresh air of wide-open spaces

  • There were no prevalent London tribes throughout the study. This group usually travels internationally and will need persuading to embrace a Staycation

  • Staycations are not all about leisure. People are combining travel with other hobbies, so messaging around travel should try to do the same.

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