Written by
Fifty Team

04 Feb, 2022

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

The Challenge

Fifty’s task for this campaign was to gain a deeper understanding of the Harry Potter Superfandom to boost ticket sales for the Broadway play ‘The Cursed Child’. Having sold more than 500 million copies worldwide, Harry Potter is the best-selling book series in history and, thus, has one of the broadest audience bases possible. Rather than applying a generalized marketing strategy, Fifty set out to gather specific insights that would provide the foundations for a highly-tailored campaign that would maximize media budgets.

The Solution

To overcome the challenge of targeting a very broad audience, the client enlisted Fifty to use our unique audience targeting capabilities to separate the fans from the superfans. To do so, we looked specifically at the audiences following multiple Harry Potter-related social accounts, one of the actors from the films, JK Rowling herself, as well as the account for the Broadway play ‘The Cursed Child’, in order to hone in on the vast audience and group these demographics into tribes.

The Results

With Harry Potter Superfans, Movie Superfans and Bookworms emerging as the three top performing tribes, the results of the campaign were magical to say the least. The client saw a major boost in ticket sales for the play, generating an impressive $304k in revenue and delivering a 1500% ROI, which surpassed the client’s original sales KPIs. Furthermore, the campaign achieved a CPA of just $35, which was well under the initial $100 target.

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