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20 Nov, 2020

How Symprove converted brand awareness to actual sales

Symprove Ltd was founded in 2002, in the belief that recovering and maintaining a healthy gut balance can help people live a fuller life. Following almost a decade of research and extensive clinical studies, Symprove launched to the public as a live bacteria food supplement in 2010.

In 2014, University College of London published an independent study concluding Symprove’s live bacteria could not only successfully arrive in the gut, but also survive and thrive there. Since then, Symprove has gained significant brand recognition, won numerous industry awards, including a Women’s Health Food Award, and was acquired by Bd-capital in July 2020.


A relatively unknown brand at the time, Symprove tasked Fifty with building greater awareness amongst key groups and driving traffic to its website.

Our first challenge was to increase Symprove’s prospects’ awareness and solidify their trust, before launching a conversion campaign to focus on driving sales and bottom-of-the-funnel results.


Fifty’s partnership with Symprove began as a brand-building exercise. We ran a six-month awareness campaign aimed entirely at increasing public visibility and establishing awareness for Symprove’s product. Over these first six months, our data-driven campaign cast a wide net to capture as many leads as possible, with the primary focus being on prospecting audiences, gathering data and developing learnings to create a portfolio of in-depth audience insight studies.

Within this first phase, we relied on these audience insights to inform and direct advertising creative that would be most likely to resonate with Symprove’s existing and potential customers that we identified. Working closely alongside our creative partners at Yolk, we ensured that Symprove’s new creatives would be aligned with the brand’s newly uncovered audiences. Yolk created a fresh aesthetic specifically tailored to Fifty’s audience findings.


Following this first phase, we entered the conversion phase of our campaign, which drove impressive results. Fifty successfully delivered a 20% improvement on Symprove’s initial CTR target and 40,000 new potential customers to the Symprove website, driving a 45% increase in overall cost efficiency.


Use insights to power effective creatives. Ad creative is one of the most important factors in determining the success of any campaign, which is why it was so crucial for Fifty to build creative thoughtfully by leveraging data. We extracted insights into Symprove’s audience directly from the depths of the Fifty platform to build an ad campaign that would resonate with them and drive real results.

Fifty can help you build a full-funnel strategy. Rather than focusing only on sales, we harnessed the power of our platform to create a full-funnel strategy that would consider the entire, 360-degree customer journey, nurture relationships and, ultimately, build a better brand experience for Symprove’s customers. Fifty’s bespoke insights even allowed Symprove to tailor their marketing messages depending on their customer’s specific stage of purchase.

Building awareness adds value. While six months of brand-building may sound like a long time before seeing tangible results, in reality, a long brand awareness phase allowed Symprove to build trust amongst their customers and establish themselves as a prominent player within their market. As a result, once Symprove entered the conversion phase of the campaign, the results were off the charts, as they had had time to foster trust and build a solid brand awareness foundation that would ultimately make a lasting impact with their audience.

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